dr M V Ural

Dr Ural’s Varicose vein Ayurveda care dedicated to serve the community, Dr Ural came across several cases of venous insufficiency in younger age group above 20 years suffering from Varicose vein, Hyper pigmentation, D V T, Venous ulcers etc. in his last 22 years of clinical practice. Though it is commonly seen among the people working in security, teaching, sales, agriculture, constructions, drivers etc sectors, post pregnancy and lifestyle disorder but there was no appropriate medicines or solutions. Looking at the financial, social, and personal suffering of patients as well as their family made Dr Ural to search through Ayurveda literature’s, discussions with his peer groups and several clinical applications of Ayurveda herbs and their formulations to search possible solutions the venous insufficiency resulted in unique formulation “Dr Ural’s Varicose Vein Care”.

Dr MV Ural is a renowned Ayurveda Physician in Sringeri (world famous Sringeri Sharada Peetha established by Adi Shankaracharya) though basically from Udupi district. Qualified BAMS from A.L.N. Rao Memorial Ayurveda medical College, Koppa, Chikkamagaluru district, Karnataka. Along with studies he could established a moral relationship with folklore partitions of Chikkamagaluru and neighbouring districts, where he could acquire unique traditional techniques and tools to understand as well as to manage various chronic diseases with simple herbal combination at affordable cost.

After the graduation in 1998 he stated implementing acquired clinical skills with a new approach of practice, he stated getting excellent results in treating chronic venous insufficiency cases like varicose vein, DVT and unhealed ulcers etc.  He could able to provide better relief and reverse most all type or stages of chronic venous insufficiency cases. He has mastered the skills of handling complication which could arise after conventional treatments like Surgery, Laser therapy etc. Consequently he has immense expertise in treating patients suffering from various chronic ailments and he has become the hope for the patients without hope by his unique remedies. His approach towards patients has not only attracted patients from various states of Indian as well as from abroad.