Venous Ulcers

Our treatments: Various research articles and we believe that

  • Wound management:
    • Fortified Gomutra Arka is used for cleaning the wound helps in
      • Remove moist granulation and debris by its scraping nature
      • Reduce infection by antimicrobial property
      • Reduce oxidative stress by antioxidant effect facilitates cell function
      • Significantly increased wound contraction/ reduction


  • Yoga: A blend of customised Asana (yoga postures) and Pranayama (Regulated breathing technique) are advised depending on individual need as per their Prakruthi (body type) and comorbidities.



  • Our medicine:
    • Improves circulation and reduce swelling
    • Antioxidant reduces oxidative stress to make cells to function effectively
    • Reduce infection as it is the major factor associated with worse prognosis during follow-up
    • Improves microenvironment, re-activate signalling pathways that work to restore the tissue environment consisting of cell and extracellular matrix with enzymes, cytokines and growth factors
    • Promotes Angiogenesis i.e., formation of new blood vessels from pre-existing vasculature which is prominent feature of proliferative phase to rebuild new tissue and wound contracts to heal the wound.