Varicose Vein

Our practise:

  • For prevention and to accelerate healing Diet, lifestyle, Yogasana and Pranayama are advised as per the individual need depending on their Prakruthi, Occupation, Age, severity of varicose vein and associated comorbidities.
  • Oil application: Specially formulated Dr. Ural’s varicose vein oil is advised to apply very gently (very less pressure) towards heart direction (upwards) for 15 mints / day and leave it for minimum 3 hours
  • Helps to improve circulation
  • Improve elasticity of veins
  • Strengthen the vein, valves of vein and skin surface
  • Reduce strain and heaviness of muscles
  • Internal medication: Specially formulated Dr. Ural’s varicose vein syrup and tablets are having multidimensional effects in eradicating the cause from root levels,
  • By purifier and thinning blood, helps to mobilise stagnated blood in veins towards heart as well as enhance optimal function by stimulating collateral circulation
  • By enhancing liver function it optimise quality of blood production and removal of toxins due to stasis
  • In Ayurveda blood vessels are originated from blood tissues (UpaDhatu of Rakta). Structural and functional rectification of veins are facilitated by optimized functions of blood.
  • Ayurveda concept of tissue (Dhatu) nourishment, Mamsa (Muscle tissue) is successive Dhatu nourished after Raktaonce the formation Rakta is optimum thus naturally it nourish Mamsa to regain its strength and stability in veins i.e., tunica media (muscular) layer of vein and elastic valves regain their strength enabling the function of valves and vein.


  • If required bloodletting therapy: One among Pancha shodha (~ Panchakarma) indicated in blood and its related diseases for better and instant benefits are


  • Leach therapy (Jalaukaavacharana)Nontoxic leeches are used to suck the blood from the affected area which is pain less procedure and specially indicated in people sensitive to pain like Children, Elderly, Females
  • Along with removing stagnated blood it release as chemical known as Hirudinto our body. It is a powerful anticoagulant which is only found in salivary glands of leech does blood thinning, avoid or dissolve the blood clots.
  • Venipuncture (Siravyadha): More stasis of blood leading to severe pain, paraesthesia and altered skin colour and texture etc.,
  • About 100 to 300 ml of blood is removed just like how blood is drawn during blood test or donating blood but here from the site of varicose vein.
  • Pooling or stasis of blood is removed from the site it relives pain, heaviness, muscle cramp and paraesthesia immediately
  • Avoid chance of clot formation and it’s further complications
  • Physiological blood thinner;Physiologically, sudden blood volume loss is compensated by draining body fluids into blood to avoid hypovolemic shock thus leading to reduction in viscosity of blood which improve circulation.
  • Skin discolouration, Swelling and Ulcer: As above treatment procedures reduce blood stasis by improve blood circulation, purification, thinner, improve collateral circulation, and ensure fresh blood flow will reduce swelling  easily and ulcer healing might need some time but we are seeing best results with in span of 3 to 6 months