Dr KVGS Murthy

K.V.G.S. MURTY,Academic Qualification: MBBS

Regd.No. 13365 (Andhra)

Address: 16-4-17/9, M.G. Road,PALAKOL – 534 260 W.G.Dt., Andhra Pradesh, India

e-mail: drkvgsmurty@gmail.com kalagaherbalresearchlabs@gmail.com

Mobile: +91 9849870762 

Address: 501, Brindavan Apts., H.No.2-2-1109/1, Bagh Amberpet, C.E.Colony, Hyderabad- 500013 Telangana State, India

Present Position:

Director (R&D), Kalaga Herbal Research Labs, Palakollu. Director (R&D), Alakananda Herbals Pvt Ltd., Hyderabad. Director, Kalaga Integrated Health Care Pvt Ltd., HYD Chairman, Paratpara Integrated Health Care Pvt Ltd., Vizag SCOPE OF WORK: DRUG DEVELOPMENT AND HERBAL CLINICAL RESEARCH


Schooling and College up to Intermediate : PALAKOL, W.G.Dt. (A.P) M.B.B.S: Rangaraya Medicial College, Kakinada, E.G.Dt. (A.P) (1974 to 1980)       

1981 -1999 : Not connected with Medicine (Associated with Industry Not related to Medical faculty)

1999 – March 2010: Associated with “Arborium Plus®”, Patented Herbal / Ayurvedic Liquid formulation for Atherosclerotic Vascular disease, Manufactured and marketed by Redhill Herbals Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.

2007 – till date : Formulated (Invented) Cardorium Plus®, Ayurvedic Liquid Poly Herbals Formulation for the prevention and management of Vascular Endothelial Dysfunction and its Complications. Manufactured and marketed by M/S Alakananda Herbals Pvt. Ltd. Completed Animal studies at Vishuna College of Pharmacy, Bhimavaram and Human studies at Nizam’s Inistitute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad. 

2017 – Formulated Heaptoprove, Reduflame and Cardomax capsule formulations to address Liver Diseases, Autoimmune diseases, Cancer and Vascular diseases manufactured by M/S Kalaga Herbal Research Labs Pvt Ltd. Palakollu.

2003 – till date :

Research Works Under Progress –

  1. Herbal formulation to Stimulate natural Stem cell production (Immunity booster triggers natural stem cell production – Cancer management)
  2. Herbal formulation to promote Apoptosis (Programmed cell death of defective cells – Cancer management)
  3. Herbal formulation to manage Arthritis (Reduction of RA Factor,Excretion of Uric acid and non steroid anti-Inflammatory activity)
  4. Herbal formulation to manage Viral infections (Including HIV and Hepatitis) etc.,. 
  5. Herbal formulation to manage Fatty Liver, Cirrhosis Liver and Cancer Liver
  6. Herbal formulation to manage Eclapsia and Pre-eclampsia
  7. Herbal formulation to manage Autoimmune Diseases and Inflammation
  8. Herbal formulation to address Adipose tissue dysfunction and Obesity
  9. Herbal formulation to address stress